About the Campaign

The Campaign for the College of Biological Sciences

The College is laser focused on achieving excellence across its mission. The Campaign for the College of Biological Sciences is a $21 million fundraising effort designed to accelerate critical, high-impact work across research, education and outreach. The campaign is part of the University of Minnesota's $4 billion Driven campaign.

Your investment will allow us to set our sights high and advance our vision to be:

Arrow IconThe best option for the best students by providing more four-year merit- and need-based scholarships for our brightest, most motivated students, we will ensure they are able to realize their full potential.

Arrow IconA national leader in biology education innovation through the construction of active-learning labs and an endowed chair in the first-of-its-kind Department of Biology Teaching and Learning.

Arrow IconA catalyst of cross-sector collaboration made possible by creating advancing an initiative to support research partnerships that expand opportunities for graduate students to gain industry experience.

Arrow IconA diverse community of scholars with exceptional faculty members who represent the diversity of our community made possible through a new program that provides promising Ph.D.s with a pathway to a tenure-track position.

Arrow IconA place for everyone to learn and be inspired through the construction of a new Conservatory in St. Paul and the Minnesota Ecology Walk at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve.

Campaign goals

campaign goals
Valery Forbes

Solutions to nearly every challenge we face today are rooted in biology. Our ability to not only understand the way the world works, but use that knowledge to improve human health, clean up the environment and much more has never been greater. As one of the only colleges dedicated to the biological sciences, we are uniquely positioned to make the seminal discoveries necessary to develop the next generation of antibiotics, understand and mitigate our impact on climate and address many other pressing problems. The campaign for the College of Biological Sciences is about expanding the foundational work that informs humanity’s shared future in the ways that only we can. With your help, we will support more undergraduates, fund additional high-impact cross-sector research and grow faculty diversity, build on our reputation as a leader in biology education innovation and expand access to our exceptional plant collections and ecological research. With your help we will do great science at a grand scale.  –Valery Forbes, Dean