Active-Learning Lab

active learning lab

The Active Learning Lab empowers students to participate fully in the scientific process

Innovation happens when you have a critical mass of faculty with a shared vision and a strong desire to collaborate. Nowhere is this truer than the Department of Biology Teaching and Learning, which brings together researchers and educators dedicated to discovering the best ways to teach biology. The department is fundamentally reshaping how students learn biology here and around the world. We will create an endowed chair that will attract and retain a top faculty member, strengthening our leadership and cementing our standing in this important area of scholarship and practice.

Creating opportunities for students to ask and answer their own research questions is key to nurturing a passion for science. It’s what we do in our active learning classrooms, an approach pioneered by the college that is now the gold standard in biology education. Now, we’re bringing this approach out of the classroom and into the lab.

Your gift in support of biology education innovation will empower students to ask and answer their own original research questions. 

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“When students are immersed in the scientific process and participating in every aspect of it, we describe that as an ‘authentic’ research experience. We think this is important because students learn better by doing science than by following a prescribed recipe of predefined steps as is typical in many laboratory courses.”

– Valery Forbes, Dean, College of Biological Sciences