College of Biological Sciences Conservatory

CBS Conservatory

Bringing the plants of the world to the people of Minnesota

Experiencing the wonder of the living world is the spark that ignites curiosity about how it all works and our impact on it. That sense of wonder is easily within reach for visitors to the College of Biological Sciences Conservatory. It’s the most diverse collection of plants in the region, making it an essential teaching and research resource, and a frequent stop for K-12 students in the Twin Cities metro. However, this impressive collection is housed in a building that has fallen into severe disrepair with structural problems and a crumbling foundation. In short, it’s falling apart. A new facility would ensure that this unique resource is accessible to all. 

Your gift to the CBS Conservatory will ensure that more students have the opportunity to experience the incredible diversity of plants from around the world.

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"This place is meant to be a living example of plant evolution. It’s where I learned to love plants and learned about their diversity. A new facility will greatly expand access to researchers, students and the public. It will give more people the opportunity to interact with this unique collection for all types of purposes and to be inspired by nature.” 

–Lisa Aston Philander Curator, CBS Conservatory