Faculty Diversity

Professor Abdi Warfa and student

Increasing faculty diversity by recruiting promising Ph.D.s

We all benefit when we are able to access a full spectrum of unique perspectives, which is why we need exceptional faculty members who represent the diversity of our community. A new program premised on recruiting diverse future faculty earlier in their careers as post-doctoral associates and providing a pathway to a tenure-track position will help us achieve this goal. The University recently introduced the President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, which will create a framework for identifying and attracting diverse postdocs to the University of Minnesota. 

Your gift to these new initiatives will increase the diversity of our faculty by creating a new pathway for Ph.D.s.

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“We’re excited about the prospect of ‘growing our own’ diverse faculty using innovative paths. The new postdoc program has the potential to bring us exceptionally talented scholars and researchers by attracting them at earlier career stages and keeping them with us as faculty members. By incorporating equal opportunity and diversity into our recruitment from the beginning, we help make equity everybody’s work.”

-Marlene Zuk, Associate Dean for Faculty