Cross-Sector Collaboration

Life sciences company Bio-Techne partners with University researchers and employs student interns trained in the biological sciences and other STEM disciplines. Fernando Bazan, a member of the College's campaign steering committee is the company's chief technology officer.

Building cross-sector collaborations

Finding solutions to the complex problems we face requires more of our researchers and research. From an ever-finer understanding of the functions of cells to a global-scale perspective of the human impacts on ecosystems, each step forward requires cross-disciplinary, cross-sector collaboration.

To encourage these collaborations we will develop a program that funds research that creates bridges between disciplines and links with industry. Graduate students will be the linchpin connecting academic research and Minnesota’s thriving bioscience business community through fellowship and internship opportunities.

Your gift will help advance cross-disciplinary research collaboration sacross sectors and provide graduate students with valuable opportunities to gain experience outside academia.

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"This is the century of biology. We are in an unprecedented position to figure out how things work and engineer them to help address challenges to our health and wellbeing. The College of Biological Sciences is right in the middle of that. It’s going to be a very exciting place to be in the years to come."

-Fernando Bazan, Chief Technology Officer, Bio-Techne

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