Four-Year Scholarships

2019 CBS Scholarship Recipient Highlight

Invest in the potential of our most promising students 

Today’s College of Biological Sciences students are tomorrow’s doctors and teachers, researchers and biotech entrepreneurs. They will fuel our economy and propel a new wave of discoveries. Bringing the best students to the college is critical to developing that pipeline and deepening the state’s talent pool. We are growing our enrollment to meet that demand and are committed to getting bigger and better.

Scholarships are the currency that allow us to attract the State’s top students. They are also the best way to provide the financial breathing room that makes students’ success possible. Scholarships allow students to spend more time in the lab and the library than at a part-time job. They allow students to develop not just academically, but as people, giving them the chance to see where their passion and curiosity can take them. 

You gift will help fund four-year need- and merit-based scholarships, giving more of our most promising students time to focus on their future and realize their full potential.

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"The College of Biological Sciences is getting bigger. We just welcomed our largest incoming class to date. At the same time, we're committed to getting better. That means providing more financial support to more of our most promising students."

–Valery Forbes, Dean, College of Biological Sciences