Minnesota Ecology Walk

Ecology Walk at Cedar Creek

Sparking a love of nature early and often

Visitors to Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve — including thousands of schoolchildren — experience the same sense of wonder. Cedar Creek is the birthplace of modern ecosystem ecology and the source of numerous discoveries that have shaped how we see nature and understand our role in it. It’s also a microcosm of Minnesota with oak savanna, prairie, and boreal and deciduous forest. The Minnesota Ecology Walk will extend that experience to more people. Learn more about Cedar Creek's past, present and future here.

Your gift to expand access at Cedar Creek will create more opportunities for the public to encounter and learn about Minnesota’s ecosystems.

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"Thousands of K–12 students visit Cedar Creek each year. We want them to move through major ecosystems and work together to answer questions as they go. Being outside, immersed in these environments doing hands-on activities, is when students learn the most and fall in love with what they see."

-David Tilman, Director, Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve